Often we avoid negotiating because we don't know how to deal with the tactics of intimidating negotiators.

Hardball and intimidating negotiators are challenging because they throw us off balance on purpose.  It’s a game to them.

Not knowing when and how they will employ their tactics causes great anxiety.  

Would you like to easily recognize when a hardball strategy is coming your way and know exactly what to do when that happens?

Would you like to stand your ground in an authentic way without losing your cool?

You’ve come to the right place!

Course curriculum

    1. Why do people use hardball bully tactics

    2. Shadow Negotiators - Sample

    1. Use the Word "Cooperate"

    2. Talk About the Long-Term Relationships

    3. Find Mutual Relationships

    4. Establish Ground Rules

    1. The Most Common Hardball Tactics

    2. Red Herring

    1. Start out with Non-Confrontational Response

    2. Probing Inquiry

    3. Request They Stop Using Hardball Strategy

    4. Use Silence

    5. Key Phrases to Buy Time

    1. Sample of a Hardball Strategy

    2. Key Strategies

    3. Be Passionately Curious

About this course

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  • 16 lessons
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Your Coach

Ruth Shlossman

Ruth is the driving force behind Castle Negotiations Consulting Group. 

Ruth lives for the moment when she sees the lightbulb flash in the mind of her clients as they realize they have what it takes to be a solid negotiator. They become confident that they can easily create win-win agreements.  In the past they have avoided negotiating at all costs. And now they see how creative and exciting the negotiation process can be!

She is adept at helping her clients overcome their fear of asking for what they want.  Bold and elegant – that’s her motto!

Ruth has worked with all levels of negotiators, from neophyte negotiators to senior executives and leadership teams with tremendous success over the last 25 years.

She is always growing and learning herself and that keeps her workshops and coaching fresh and exciting.

Ruth has been called on to consult for everything from scope issues to multimillion-dollar mergers. Ruth has consulted with Fortune 100 companies in the auto, manufacturing, health-care, IT, finance, and insurance industries. Ruth has also done consulting for the armed forces, for government agencies, and for institutions of higher education.

Now she wants to help you become a bold and elegant negotiator!

What our clients say?

“After Ruth's coaching session, I was no longer nervous about negotiating. She showed me a logical, easy to follow system. I also saw that negotiating is a lot more creative than I thought”

“I feel this is one of the best workshops my company has had. It was relevant to my job and it will be very helpful in how I deal with both internal and external issues in the future ”

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