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“They figured out how to make the course fun, and informative. The days flew by. The debrief of the role-plays were the highlight for me. I really saw clearly what it looks like to be a better negotiator. Thank you.”


“Ruth's workshop had a tremendous impact on my next sale. I used many of the strategies she taught, and was able to turn a 250K sale into a 750K sale.”

Kent. F

Castle Negotiations Round Table

Are you a CEO or Founder? We offer 6 Round Tables a year for leaders that are always challenging themselves and their teams to improve their negotiation systems and outcomes. At the round table, a negotiation consultant will present current negotiation trends and challenges from the top eschelon of negotiation thought leaders. This is also an opportunity to meet other leaders, discuss your current negotiation challenges and learn how Castle Negotiation Consulting Company helps successful professionals and companies become even more successful at obtaining the best agreements possible To receive the Round Table schedule, sign up here.

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